Upper Peninsula, MI digital series Northbound and True North Outpost form promotional partnership

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Michigan-based co-production companies Lullskull Ltd. and “A” Street Films, LLC. are proud to announce that their Upper Peninsula, MI-made survivalist digital series Northbound has formed a brand partnership with forthcoming Norway, MI-based outdoor gear and recreational company True North Outpost.

The new company, co-founded by Northbound lead actor Nate Alwine, military adviser/prop fabricator Evan Blagec, and production designer Austin Kalcec will sell within its retail space premium outdoor hiking, climbing and camping gear, and offer booking services for recreational tours and rafting packages through partner Northwoods Adventures.  True North Outpost aims to be a one-stop shop for both local and outdoor tourist enthusiasts.  As a partner with Northbound, the series is continuing its mission to share the wide-ranging Upper Peninsula, MI tourism message with its fast-growing series audience.  True North Outpost will feature its business messaging through brand/series cross-promotion, on-camera product placement and paid advertising attached to upcoming Season 3 episodes of Northbound.

The Iron Mountain, MI-based series, co-created by U.P., Michigan natives Seth & Nathan Anderson and producer Jason Hagen, began in 2014 as a prequel proof-of-concept for the forthcoming feature film Northsta, which will also be filmed entirely in the Upper Peninsula.  The story follows the early days of lone father, Alex (played by Nate Alwine) as he travels a rugged post-Cataclysmic North American landscape with his comatose daughter, Crystal.  Along the way, he gives his all to protect her as they come into contact with other survivalist groups challenging each other for control of the North Woods.

Global energy drink brand Rip It Energy Fuel proudly presents Northbound, and Minneapolis, MN-based distributor Seeka TV renewed Season 3, following the wide release of Seasons 1 and 2 on its web platform and its app across Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Google Play streaming platforms October 2017.  NORTHBOUND Season 3 has also formed product placement partnerships with Ironwood, MI-based outerwear apparel brand Stormy Kromer, Dickies Medical scrubs brand, NcStar, and Damascus Gear tactical brands.  As it did with successfully funding Season 2, Northbound will launch a Season 3 crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter late March/early April 2019 to help raise supplemental funds to cover increased production costs.  The campaign will offer viewers a special opportunity to own a piece of the final chapter of the series before moving onto the sequel feature film Northstar.Northbound Season 3 will continue production June 2019, filming in Iron Mountain, Norway, Gwinn (KI Sawyer), and Houghton (MTU) to start, with more U.P. towns to be added.

What began as a concept series, Northbound has blossomed into a region-wide movement to center and create media across the Upper Peninsula.  The series originally started with a handful of cast and crew and has grown into 80 local actors, craftsmen, and residents eager to support a creative project, which highlights the beauty, vastness and friendliness of the Upper Peninsula.

To learn more about Northbound, the feature film Northstar, and how you can support the efforts through joining the production, or partnering your Michigan business/organization, please follow the links below.

Official Sites: www.northstarsaga.com


NORTHBOUND on Seeka TV: https://goo.gl/DYgtcB

Facebook: www.facebook.com/northstarfilm





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