Support the final season of the Upper Peninsula Michigan-made series Northbound and lay the foundation for its sequel feature film Northstar

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Support the Final Season of the Upper Peninsula Michigan-made series Northbound and lay the foundation for its sequel feature film Northstar.

The series, co-created by U.P. Michigan natives Seth and Nathan Anderson and producer Jason Hagen, began in 2014 as a proof-of-concept for the forthcoming feature film Northstar, which will also be filmed entirely in the Upper Peninsula at locations in Houghton, Gwinn, Norway, Iron Mountain, and Sagola to start, with other U.P. locations to be added.

The story follows the early days of lone father, Alex (played by U.P. actor Nate Alwine) as he travels a rugged post-Cataclysmic North American landscape with his comatose daughter, Crystal. Along the way, Alex gives his all to protect Crystal as they come into contact with other survivalist groups challenging each other for control over the North Woods.

Minneapolis-based distributor Seeka TV has renewed Season 3 following the release of Seasons 1 and 2 on the platform October 2017.   The Michigan-made survivalist digital series “Northbound” held an ongoing Series Tour to re-connect regional residents with Seasons 1 and 2, and introduced supporters to a new Season 3 sneak preview and series sponsors back in December.

Northbound stars Nate Alwine as father,  Callie Alwine as daugher,  Don Lofholm as Red Hat, Michael March as Wallace,  Phillip Wentz as Danny and introduced Kayla Kelly as Gina, among other cast members.

Northbound is proudly presented by Rip It Energy Fuel beverages and is sponsored by local and national sponsors including Ironwood, Michigan-based outerwear brand Stormy Kromer, medical apparel brand Dickies Medical, tactical brands NcSTAR and Damascus Gear, and sponsor raffle giveaways.

Season 3 production began August 11th at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, and will resume spring 2019.

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