‘Wild Faith’ reveals new artwork for theatrical and DVD release

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The highly anticipated, award-winning 1870’s adventure ‘Wild Faith’ will be returning to theaters on March 23rd. The film had a successful 2018 limited run that led to Bridgestone Multimedia Group and their partners at myCinema to expand it to a national release.

New artwork has been released for the new March 23rd theatrical and the May 6th DVD release. The ‘Dove Family Friendly Movie Review‘ can be read at the end of this story and just might include the subtle addition of a world-famous Country performer.

The film was produced by Michigan-based production company Collective Development Inc. (www.cdiproductions.com). It was written by DJ Perry, Directed by Jesse Low and stars Shane Hagedorn, Lauren LaStrada, DJ Perry, Melissa Anschutz, Dean Teaster, Lana Wood, and Darby Hinton.

The film is about a Civil War veteran who returns home to Michigan after the loss of his wife. Fulfilling a promise, he takes in the wife and daughter of a heroic negro soldier killed in action. This new arrangement does not sit well with most of the community and the drama and adventure begin there.


Collective Development Inc. is also in the process of developing the movie into an on-going TV series that follows the further adventures of this ‘unique for the time’ family. Join us at our Facebook site for additional updates.

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