Official trailer for Harley Wallen’s ‘Abeyance’ has dropped

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a•bey•ance/əˈbāəns/ nouna state of temporary disuse or suspension

“matters were held in abeyance pending further inquiries”

synonyms:  suspension, a state of suspension, a state of dormancy, a state of latency, a state of uncertainty, suspense, remission, reserve;

The official trailer for the much-anticipated sci-fi action-thriller “Abeyance” has dropped.

Written and directed by multi-award winner Harley Wallen, “Abeyance”  is a  story which presents a moral dilemma and asks, “If it were possible to transfer consciousness into a younger body, would the wealthy take advantage of this to ensure immortality?”

According to Wallen in an interview with Skeeter Murray on Skeeter Murray’s Reel Talk,  “An Italian doctor is traveling to China to transfer a head from a body that is atrophying away to a brain dead body and they are going to switch the heads.  This is actually happening.  How far are they from downloading our consciousness?  Then stick it into a new human and carry on.  Death is a thing of the past.  What would happen if the rich could do this and transfer their consciousness into a twenty-year-old body.”

This was the inspiration for “Abeyance.”

Here Harley Wallen talks with on-air host Skeeter Murray of Skeeter Murray’s Reel Talk about five movies which he will drop this coming year (2019).

Abeyance is  After a revolutionary invention with great implications, Bridget finds a character flaw in the company they’ve partnered with to develop the prototype that could be the fountain of youth. When she pulls the plug and steps away from their original deal she quickly realizes they will stop at nothing to get it back. After her family gets kidnapped to sway a favorable vote their hopes rely on their teen daughter Miranda and her unlikely allies Corey (a suicidal military veteran) and Stephanie (a prostitute). 

Starring Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth and Scout Taylor-Compton, with Erika Hoveland, Damien Chinappi, Shane Hagedorn, Angelina Danielle Cama, ,Ken Alter, Yan Birch, Mel Novak, Vida GhaffaridCalhoun Koenig, and Harley Wallen “Abeyance”  is a joint production of Painted Creek Productions, Auburn Moon Productions, and Carribean Fury Productions.

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