Kevin Flynn’s ‘Thru the Course of a Day’ full movie now online

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Filmmaker/director Kevin Flynn has premiered his debut opus, “Thru the Course of a Day” online.  It is now on  You may question this decision to put a-first-film on Youtube, but it is very smart. Youtube is owned by Google, and Google owns the internet.

Besides,  if Flynn wishes to submit his movie to film festivals,  many are now accepting films so released, so

Now Releasing on YouTube in its entirety with new scenes and more.

Inspired by actual events, of High School friends faces the everyday trials of life growing up in Detroit, Including love, Jealousy, and murder


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Here are some BTS photos from “THRU THE COURSE OF A DAY

Deandre Harper
Christin Monique Davis
Nigel L Morris
Zahirah Muhammad
Monte Brown
Sysko LaVon
And More…

A Kevin Flynn/Little House Film


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