Photograb: More BTS photos from last weekend’s limited filming of ‘Rise of the Mask: The Beginning”

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Last weekend we disclosed that the amazing team of Christina Tomlinson, Dylan Sides, and Lance Kawas,  otherwise collectively known as Controlled Chaos, had started the filming of the prequel  “Rise of the Mask” The Beginning.”

Based on the Dark Horse Comics characters, this prequel will feature some of the same as those seen in the original, “Rise of the Mask.”

Limited as it was, the focus of this filming was the burning of the Viking ship. Adorned with the dragon’s head on the prow of this ship, we can see that the hull on this reimagining of the ship is perhaps deeper than many on which this vessel was based.  While it cannot be seen whether this ship, no doubt a warship, was equipped with oars, this model burns to good effect,

Here are some more photos from last weekend’s limited shoot.

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In the meantime,  “Rise of the Mask” (the original) can now claim over 14.5 Million views, with an astounding 92K subscribers,  and the “Revenge of the Mask” (official film) now has over 3.7M views.  Remarkable for a short film.

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