Melisa Sandlin introduces the cast of ‘Camp Love’

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Imagine the tranquil setting of a campground surrounding a crystal clear lake and a landscape dotted with small individual cabins.  This sounds almost idyllic, doesn’t it?  Perhaps so that you would take your family there for a relaxing weekend.  That is unless that campground is the sight of Melissa Sandlin’s horror/thriller “Camp Love.”

Here a group of adults will gather to reopen a family owned campground as an adult camping getaway. To promote this getaway, this group is invited to “Camp Love” to be a part of a commercial. What these campers don’t realize is they were all secretly nominated to play a little game which will leave the campers fighting for their lives.  Will this be another gory hack and slash movie with all of the cliched time-worn horror tropes?   Or will this be something fresh, something truly terrifying?

This is the premise of Melisa Sandlin’s feature length horror movie. The answer as to what horror this film holds will emerge somewhere between the time principal filming wraps and post-production editing brings this narrative into focus and brings it alive..  When “It’s a lock?” is announced, a viewing is certain to raise goosebumps on whoever is exposed to this movie.

To set the tone and ensure that this production will not only deliver the scary Melisa brought the best technical talent in Michigan to the picture.  She has also cast some of Michigan’s finest acting talent.

Here are the leads (arranged alphabetically) who will appear in “Camp Love, “as well as the extras.

In the role of Gary will be Andolini Aziz.  Known for Papers Xii: Paper Trail Pt 2. (2018), Silent Killer (2018) and Wiper (2015).

Bryan Sawyer will appear as Tom Love.  He is best known for his roles in  It’s a Life Worth LivingEastern Market and Sangin (2018).

Danielle VandenBerg Sheridan will play the part of Sofia Martinez.

Dan Keary will appear as Brett Turner. Dan is an actor, known for Iridium(2018) and Task Force (2017).

Didrik Davis will play the part of Kenneth Love.  Didrik has appeared and is best known for roles in Lee Martin’s The Midnight Hour (TV Series) (2011-2012),  Amnesia (TV Series) (2015), Division 19 (2017) and Living Nightmares (TV Series) (2017).

Jeremy Powell will appear as Dr. Jeffrey Carter.  Jeremy Powell is known for Silent Killer(2018) and Conundrum (2016). 

Haley Benedict Heslip will play a lead role as Gwen Lane Hall.   She has appeared in Case 137 (2018), Void (2018) and Due Time (2018).  

Julzie Gravel plays the role of Bridgette Edwards. Julzie Gravel is an actress and producer, known for Rec Man (2018). Moving Parts (2017),  Julzie the Pet Detective (2016), Some Are Born (2015) .

Melisa Sandlin will appear as Lena Love.  Melisa known for Silent Killer (2018), Undivine Intervention (2019) and Song for Sarah (2018).

Shawn Jones will appear as James Richardson 

Tia Williams will play the part of Elizabeth Carter. Tia is an actress, known for Papers XIII: Blood Currency (2019).

Justin Mane cast as lead Kevin Davis.

Tyler Hamlet will appear as Slim.

The following talented individuals will be portraying Camp Love’s wealthy partygoers.

Add to this already long list of talented individuals the following equally talented people and you begin to get some idea of the scope of this campground and its visitors.

With this group, anything can happen.  Prepare for an exciting time at Camp Love.

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