Jimmie Chiappelli talks moving to Atlanta

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Historically,  at least in the United States,  if you desired a career in the performing arts,  you either moved to New York City to pursue work on the stage or you traveled west to Hollywood to work in film.   Until recently,  these were your choices.

In the late 1990s, states began offering film incentives to lure Hollywood producers to their respective states.  This often was in the form of financial or tax incentives,  or a combination of the two.  This offered those so inclined, whether actors, or crew,  more options to pursue regarding what states they would move to pursue the glamour of their professions.

While film incentives for many states proved a hit or miss proposition,  several states emerged which proved successful.  Today these states are recognized for the opportunities that they offer.  One of these which today figures prominently is Georgia, with Atlanta the biggest film capital east of California.

Wishing to take their careers to the next level,  it is therefore not surprising that many in these professions are still leaving the state to seek greener pastures.

Jimmie Chiapelli,  recognized last month as being the most prolific actor in Michigan indie film for 2018, is perhaps the latest to announce that he and his family will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Said Chiapelli, “I am just ready to take it to the next level.”

This won’t be immediate.  Chiapelli continues, “We have a child with 2 years left of High School. We will be making the permanent move as soon as she graduates. In the meantime, I will be spending a week per month down there to start, and then a few weeks per month to make the final transition easier for us. I have an agent there that is anxious to sign me with dual offices there and LA.”

What do his prospects look like?  Adds Chiapelli, “I have been cast in a franchise feature there as well that shoots September/October. 12 speaking lines, which may not sound like a lot, but it’s a really strong start.”

So, the rumors are true.  Jimmie Chiapelli will be leaving the Mitten State to pursue acting elsewhere.  But he knows Michigan will always be home.

Good luck, Jimmie.  We will be watching for you to appear on the silver screen.

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