Tonia Carrier, cast and crew talk about movie ‘Bailiwick’

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A  bailiwick is an area of knowledge in which a person or institution has control or expertise.  It is also the name of writer/director Tonia Carrier’s debut feature length film.

An ultra low budget feature film, “Bailiwick” was shot in its entirety in Michigan. Starring Dan Gerics,  Nick Mackey, Roni Jonah, Kathleen Lawlor, and Suzy Brack, “Bailiwick” was written and directed by Tonia L. Carrier.

Here Tonia and friends talk about the movie “Bailiwick.”  Wrapped in 2017,  “Bailiwick” has been available on the internet largely unpromoted.   It is only recently, within the past couple of months that it has been reviewed and Tonia has been interviewed.  A cross between a Twilight Zone episode and a early Roger Corman movie,  “Bailiwick” deserves a greater audience.  It is well worth a watch.

Here cinematographer Rick Moreau, production manager Cyndi Moore, lead actor Dan Gerics, Writer, Director Tonia L. Carrier, and Executive Producer Nicholas Joseph Mackey. casually talk about how the idea behind Tonia’s Michigan-made “Bailiwick” developed.  They talk about the inspiration for the movie, and how the complexity of the movie developed with an emphasis on John, the lead character in the movie.   Spoiler Alert!

They also talk about what is required to shoot a micro-budgeted indie film.  This installment includes footage from the movie.    Note the velvet painting on the table in front of the group.  This will be discussed at length in another installment.

Part 2:  Opening with the bluesy theme from the movie, “Monster in Me” was written by by Jeff Schrems, this installment launches with a discussion of who John is.  A maldeveloped loner, John does not take the steps necessary to connect with people.

Here they talk at length about the nuance and dynamics of the relationship between John, (who everyone agrees is the “every man”) and Kyle (the office’s sadistic boss.)

Here group talks about John attending the carnival, and what they saw was the funniest scene of the movie. Includes some footage of the movie, as well as music from the opening of the movie.

Who is Kyle?  In this clip the group talks about the characters of Kyle and Emily. This clip includes footage of the bar scene.

Here Tonia talks about the fabric that the book John was given by the carnival magician was wrapped in.  This velvet painting was created by Tonia’s half brother who had gotten it from his cell-mate before being released from jail.   If you look closely at this image, the head was made of boobs and naked women.  (Shows a close up of the image. ) Tonia also talks about the book and how it was created.   This clip includes footage from the movie.

“This clip is a bit different from the other behind the scenes clips we’ve released. It feels a little funny to release a clip where people are saying nice things about me but, well, please watch and I explain there. Thank you for watching and for your support!”- Tonia

“Bailiwick” is available now free on Amazon Prime or for $1.99 to rent or $7.99 to own on Amazon.…

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