The many faces of Charlene Jeter

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Charlene Jeter is a woman of many talents.  Schooled in fine arts, she studied Fine Arts in Drawing at Wayne State University, she is also an entrepreneur, she owns the Detroit Film Studio, and  a model, an actress, she studied acting at New York Film AcademyNew York, New York,  a screenwriter, a director, and a quite possibly one of the the most prolific producers of Michigan indie films,  most of which were produced under pressure as she has been competing in film challenges for years.

Charlene is also a physical enthusiast; having been an athlete most of her life,  she has been competing in bikini competition, etc.  She will be competing in the The Arnold Amateur Bikini Competition, Columbus, Ohio, shortly.

She is also fluent in a number of languages,  making her an international beauty.

Charlene is a woman of many faces.  While she has worked with photographers,  the photos that she creates which you can find regularly on her Facebook page, are largely all selfies, but they are shot with the eye of a professional photographer.

Here are but a few sets of collections–these are called comp cards– she has assembled for your viewing pleasure.

Watch for Charlene’s latest production “Iced Out” to drop next month,  March 2019.

Here is the  trailer for this film

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