Melisa Sandlin assembles the beginnings of an awesome crew for ‘Camp Love’–announces casting call

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Gearing up for the production of her horror/thriller feature film “Camp Love,” Melisa Sandlin is busily assembling an awesome crew that will help bring this story to life.   This crew includes everyone from her DP (director of photography, or cinematographer)  to her stunt coordinator, from her sound-man to her assistant director/scripty, (Watch for Connie to appear in this movie.) and these are all some of the most sought after technicians in Michigan’s film industry.

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Of course, Melisa Sandline is the director/producer of “Camp Love,” Connie Kincer will assist Melisa as assistant director/scripty; Matthew Sisco will be sound; Dylan Sides will be DP;  Bobby Laenen will be stunt choreographer,And Michael Gary Petersen will be editor; Gals & Ghouls as SFX, MUA, and Hair Stylist, and  Jean Pauley as PA , on this feature film.

Together this group will bring to life a horror/thriller narrative about reopening a family owned campground as an Adult camping getaway. To promote this getaway,  a  group of adults are invited to “Camp Love” to be a part of a commercial. What these campers don’t realize is they were all secretly nominated to play a little game which will leave the campers fighting for their lives

Word that she had gotten the go-ahead to film Camp Dearborn, a family-orientated recreational facility, owned and operated by the City of Dearborn Recreation & Parks Department, was the green light Melisa was waiting for.  The Camp is located in picturesque Milford, approximately 35 miles northwest of Dearborn City Hall and conveniently located near many of southeastern Michigan’s main attractions.

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To round out this already awesome crew to assist Melisa in bringing “Camp Love” to life, she still needs  DIC-data rangler.  Anyone interested in applying for any of these positions must email Melisa at  All should include samples of previous work,  as well as rates,

Here is the cast for which she is holding auditions with backstories:
Roles available and backstory:
Gwen Lane Hall:(Lead)Caucasian, Blonde girl: Age range 21-25yrs
Natural Beauty, Gwen Lane Hall grew up on the streets, born of teenage drug addicts. She began to prostitute herself for survival. Her beauty caught the attention of a politician who helped her regain her life in exchange for allowing him to “visit”. She blackmails him still… but she wants to get out.

Dr. Jeffrey Carter:(Supporting)African American,Male,30’s-early 50s, A successful and well-known pediatrician, Dr. Jeffrey Carter lives an upscale lifestyle and demonstrates all the social graces. His secret: He has been molesting his pediatric patients….and his own daughter, who is now nine.

Elizabeth Carter:(Supporting)African Amercian,Female,30’s-mid 40’s. Elizabeth Carter is aware of what Dr. Carter is doing to patients and has helped cover it up.

Bridgette Edwards (Supporting) Caucasian,brown, red,black hair, female: age range 21-28yrs
Bridgette Edwards began abusing stimulants while in grad school and then got into selling them. She Is now a pharmaceutical dealer while she pretends to be in school working on her PHD.

Brett Turner (supporting) Open to any ethnicity, male, 21-30yrs
Brett Turner is naive, arrogant, outgoing, All=American type. Plays football for big ten school after having grown up in a poor household. Secret: He’s been throwing games for cash.

Sofia Martinez (Supporting) Mediteranean,Hispanic,Italian,ethnicity,Female,mid-30s-40s
Attractive, Confident. Sofia Martinez owns several successful businesses, but secretly she manipulates the governmaent and private sector grant system,using “hired employees” for minority status so that she can get business grants which she then uses for her own profit.

Tom Love (Supporting) Caucasian, male, black hair, or willing to dye hair. Age range: 40-mid 50
Tom Love is owner of campground along with his younger sister,  Lena, and yongest brother, Kenneth. Looking for an actor whom can play both friendly,approachable outer appearance, however, on the inside he has a darker more sinister element that will surface.

All roles are $, copy, IMDB credit
Please email headshot,resume, acting demo reels or clip
subject line please put the role name Send to

Production dates Aug 11th- 26th, 2019

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