Detroit Artist Errin Whitaker to host a celebration of his personal art

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Artist Errin Whitake will will host a screening of a short documentary “Errin Whitaker: Royalty Inside My DNA,” at the Fisher Building, 3011 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit,  January 27, 2018.   Times are 7-11PM.

Created by filmmaker Jesse McAnally, known for After Ashes (2018), Sunny Days (2016) and Technical Difficulties (2017), “Erin Whitaker: Royalty Inside My DNA” is a personal documentary chronicling the artistic journey of Errin Whitaker, a Detroit visual artist, as he takes on a 48-hour film challenge.

Artist statement
My particular art work focuses on the beautification and style of African Americans. I enjoy piecing together many different materials tied to my enviroment and identity; the usage of collage, portrait, abstract, and installation art.  My main influences are the greats and many spectacular artists before me such as Romare Beardon,  Beardon influences me to make work which speaks to things in the community, while raising awareness of injustice around the world, particularly within the African American Community.

Jesse has a degree in Media Arts from Wayne State University.  He currently serves as creative director of Fosca Features, LLC,  where he has successfully directed and produced eight short films, garnering well over two dozen awards for them.

Director’s Statement
I met Errin Whitaker May of 2018 at an art exhibition he held.  I found myself completely enamored with his incredible works of art and quickly became a fan of his work.   I bought one that is hanging on the wall of my house to this day.

When Errin contacted me to make this documentary,  I did not have a moment of hesitation. Through the process of making this documentary I became a fan of this incredible man behind the art as well.  I feel myself incredibly lucky to bring this story to life.

Regarding this event
Come see the full film of “The Royalty Inside My DNA” (produced and Co-Directed by Jesse McAnally of FOSCA Features LLC). Immediately following the screening is an Artist Talk with myself and the producers of the trailers and film. Q&A led by Detroit’s Trinity International Film Festival’s Marshalle Montgomery Favors and Lazar Favors. Sounds by Ena Baggett during the reception. Drinks will be served. Doors open at 7PM. Screening begins at 7:30PM. Worth every moment spent at The Historical Fisher Building in Detroit, MI.

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