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Indie Stream $2000 Commercial Contest

Ever see a TV commercial and think to yourself, “I can do better than that!”

Here’s your chance!

We want YOU to make a 30 – 180 second video commercial promoting and we’re going to give $2,000 cold hard cash to the winner!   This could be your chance to get international recognition and break into the media or entertainment industries!

Its free to enter, and anyone can participate from Michigan!  GRAND PRIZE $2000 grand prize + 3-year free hosting on

2nd place
2-year subscription

3d place
-3rd place 1-year subscription

What we want

Make it funny, make it quirky, make it dark, make it a cartoon, it really doesn’t matter as long as it is memorable.    No credits of course, everyone will know who you are.   Produce entertaining, well-acted and directed and really promote our online community.

Target Audience

You. Indie Stream is a service for the independent filmmaker, developed by independent filmmakers. We want to get the word out that there is a place where you can easily find others like you! No more hopping from website to website, trying to find an easier way to keep up with the underground’s best and brightest. A one stop shop to organize and showcase their artistic ability without getting drowned out by mindless time killing videos or difficult platforms that over complicate your viewing experience. Sounds Great right? … also, being able to get paid right from the start without a minimum viewer threshold to break through in order to monetize your channel isn’t so bad either.

Video Format

Ideally, we want 60 seconds, but we will accept entries from 30 to 180 seconds in length.

we will allow every film maker that participates in the event to use any logo on our facebook page. We will also post our logos to the event as well.

Drop-off event

– The drop-off event will take place between 7:00pm and 9:00pm on Monday, January 31st, 2019

– The drop-off event will be held at the Happy Ending Soap Company
(4115 w. 13-mile rd., Royal Oak mi 48073)

Award Ceremony

– Award ceremony will be free of charge.
– We will be showing the top 10 commercials and announcing the 3 winners.
– Award ceremony will be the 1st week of February (location details tbd)

*******************TERMS AND CONDITIONS********************

By submitting your film, take note that:

– If the spoken language isn’t English you must use English subtitles.

– You agree to use your video for promotional purpose.

– You must own all the rights to the video.

– Your entry must be relevant to and feature clearly to the viewer

all files must be in Mp4 format

Indie Stream does not accept the following:

– Pornographic content

– Content featuring graphic violence


A brand new streaming service that specializes in independent content creators  A valuable tool for networking, exposure and promotion
Company Overview

Indie Stream is for Serious filmmakers, musicians, actors, anyone who wants to have their content readily available in a place that is designed for them.

Fans, friends, and family who want to follow certain content creators without the hassle of going from website to website trying to find something that is being diluted with unrelated and irrelevant content in the way.

Casting directors and producers who want to actually see and hear talent before an initial meeting.

Automatically monetize your personal channel without having to reach a certain number of views before you are eligible.

Sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc., have become flooded with corporate sponsored ads and random content that may throw off and confuse the viewer.

Agencies and websites like IMDB are geared towards bigger projects with the smaller opportunities limited to extra work.

All content is treated as valued and important with descriptions appropriately representing the hard work it took to create.

Step 1: Create your INDIE STREAM profile
Step 2: Upload your content
Step 3: Apply the appropriate tags including any persons involved and/or age restrictions
Step 4: Review your upload before publishing to ensure the intended quality is appropriately represented
Step 5: Publish and share your content

Create your FREE INDIE STREAM viewers profile OR choose to view as a guest.

Search for an artist, project, genre, category, or just browse content using filters to assist in finding something you enjoy.

Rate and/or share your favorite content (not applicable for guests).

Connect with the content creators directly with any questions or concerns (*Content creators have the option to not be contacted directly through INDIE STREAM and may have alternative communication options available)

your channel is custom designed for you.

Network with persons interested in your content in real time with our GO LIVE function of subscribers(*You can choose to  make this free to registered viewers or your INDIE STREAM profile every time you go live).



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