Jimmie Chiappelli proves Michigan’s busiest film actor for 2018

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Look at this face.  If you follow Michigan film, it’s likely you have seen him.  He is well on his way to being to Michigan film what Tommy Lee Jones is to Hollywood.  At one time Jones seemed to appear in everything, and in everything he appeared you could be assured you were watching a solid performance.

Jimmi Chiappelli has appeared in a lot of different films, both shorts and features. He has also done many commercials, as well.

In 2018, alone, Chiappelli has had many roles in the last twelve months.  This includes 21 verifiable film narratives, with a handful of commercial roles, as well.

Whether he is portraying  Gabriel Addison taunting Keira Beckett, a beautiful young soldier into making terrible choice by the very man who made her what she is, as he did in the Jessica Porter directed “Iridium,”  or  Peter Montague in Nolan Rhys Elias, Tony Tale production of “Lambeth Walk,” or the other films this past year in which he appeared as a credited extra,  with his signature salt-and-pepper beard,  he is hard to mistake.

Says Chiappelli, “Very humbled and blessed to be surrounded by so much talent here in Michigan.”  And this is precisely the personality he projects.  Perhaps it is these traits, and his undeniable acting chops which has made him a much in demand Michigan actor.

Read what others who have worked with him have said,” Very Deserving! Jimmie Chiappelli ….so talented and hard working!Derek Fuciarell

“Dude’s a monster and fantastic to work with!” Joe Wright

“Always love working with Jimmie, he is so talented and kind!” Alexandria Barron

If you were not fortunate enough to attend the premieres of each of these releases in 2018,  you will likely see them in the coming year.    Catch them at a film festival here in Michigan;  or better yet, ask for them at a theater near you,

Features and shorts:

Lambeth Walk Written by Pete Boyle, Nolan Rhys Elias  Directed by Nolan Rhys Elias, Tony Tale.   Synopsis: It is the end of the summer of 1985, when we find ourselves following the lives of several people in the trenches of the art rock music industry, whose lives have been changed by a guitarist who is dying of a incurable disease.

White Boy Rick Written by Andy Weiss, Logan Miller .  Directed by Yann Demange.  Synopsis: The story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.  Role: Gun show dealer (uncredited).

•The Shoes. Written by Michael E. Bierman, Ramsey Stoneburner.  Directed by Ramsey Stoneburner.  Produced by Minotaur Moving Pictures/Wandering Raven Media. Filming location: Jamestown, Ohio.  Two shattered families struggle to survive tragic events that hurl a bully and her perceptive target on a collision course of love, loss, and redemption.  Role: small biker.

Georgy .  Written/directed by Bryce Crook.   George is at the end of his rope, until he discovers life might not totally suck.  Role: Steve.

Betrayed.   Written/directed by Harley Wallen.  Produced by Painted Creek Productions/Auburn Moon Productions/Carribean Fury.  Role: Craig.

Iridium Written/directed by Jessica Porter.    Keira Beckett, a beautiful young soldier who is forced to make a terrible choice by the very man who made her what she is.  Role: Gabriel Addison.

Scapegoat. Written by  Jeff Kapp /Shane Schanski /Noah Watkins .  Directed by Jeff Kapp .  Produced by Vigilant Entertainment. Individuals wake up in the woods, unaware of how they got there. Soon after they start to find each other, they realize they are being hunted. They must race against the clock to figure out why and who put them there before it’s too late.   Role: Mark.

Storage. Written/directed by Jeff Kapp.  Produced by Vigilant Entertainment.  After a few days of watching an elderly man load what looks to be extremely expensive items into his Storage Unit, 3 individuals who plan on cashing it in and skipping town quickly find out that some secrets can’t be locked up.  Role: killer.

The Mind Games.  Dine  & Dash.   Role: Chef.

Love Espionage: Spy Revenge.  Written/directed  by Charlene Jeter.  A romantic, action packed film set in Wurzberg, Germany.  When Penny is Kidnapped, retired agent Raymond Carr will do anything to rescue her, but can he save her before it is too late.
•Iced Out. Written/directed by Charlene Jeter.

Papers Xii: Paper Trail Pt. 2.  Written/directed by Tony Tale.  The Paper Family is threatened by the return of a Dark Chapter. Willow Mache, the result of a failed secret paper family project.  Role: Jackson Tain.

Song for Sarah. Written/directed by Randy Scott Dies.  Role: Gabe.
Mark of the Wolf. Prey: Cole’s Story. Written by Mark Brown. From various corners of the world, several men and women live with the struggles and consequences of dealing with their lycanthropic curse.    Role: Tom Roberts.
Roulette.   Written by Jon Conner.  Returned from the war crippled and broke, Lewis struggles to adjust to home life. With his one true love facing death from a heart condition, Lewis turns to the crime ridden streets.  Role: Tiny.

Be Somebody. Written/directed by Don Overton.  Produced by Black Cabin Entertainment.   Richard is a writer who travels from New York City to Detroit, Michigan to complete an overdue novel. Encouraged by his best friend,  he takes on the persona of one of his characters.
Trish’s Place. Written by Scott A. Bills.  Faith based film.  Role: Jack.

Undevine Intervention.  Written by Dale Hills.  Directed by John Conners. Role: Alan.

Joe vs Joe Written/ directed by Ahmad Lee.  Synopsis: Joe Daniels is far from an average guy with a far from average job, a far from average family, and who happens to live in a far from average neighborhood. He is a decorated retired marine now entertainment mogul, takes things one day at a time – as he tries to balance running a successful business, married life, raising kids, and living a “normal life” – in a world much different than the one he remembers.  Role: Hardware store patron.
Enigma.(formerly Taken Over)  Written/directed by Harley Wallen, produced b 
Painted Creek Productions, Auburn Moon Productions, Carribean Fury Productions.  Two Detectives are searching for clues to some very unique murders. A close friend finding her faith in search to clear her friend and a very bad man make up the main characters to this thriller.  Role: Lie detector administrator.



•Universal Mind-The Bets You Placed
•Credit Union

Brad Robinson came in a very close second, with only one film credit separating them.  “Said Brad “Jimmie is a good friend so I’m going to have to razz him a little bit.

“For a little background I got to know him on a short “Roulette” by Director Jon Conner that I acted in and produced along with Jon Conner and Bill Kenney and our production company (A Hole in the Head Pictures) just last month and we’ve become great friends.”

Here are Brad’s credits for 2018 (It was decided that being an extra did not carry the same weight as speaking role in either a short or a feature,  an appearance in a short was not the same as an role in a feature,  and a part in a commercial was not the same as one in a narrative,.  So,  if someone was an extra in a short, it was not the same as a lead in a feature.)

A Bennett-Song Holiday,  Harley Wallen director, Role: Parent (Extra)

Roulette (Short), Jon Conner, director.  Role: Lewis (Lead, V/O),

Blood! (Short),  Kevin Dimme director. Role: Vlad (Supporting).

Black Day (Feature),   Raphael Robinson director. Guard 1 (Supporting).

The Unspoken Sin (Short),  MJ Harrell director.  Role: Raphael (Supporting).

Buds (T.V. Pilot),  Heather Rolison director. Role: Officer 2 (Supporting),.

Homecoming II (Feature), Role: Tommy Jarvis (Featured),.

His Choice (Short) Bethany Hazelitt/ Bill Gelineau  Bill Gelineau. Role: Restaurant Patron (Extra)

Papers XII Paper Trail Part II (Feature) Tony McCants

Holy Spirit (V/O) Step of Faith (Short) Bethany Hazelitt. Role: Secret Service Agent (Featured)

WFA While Falling Apart (Feature) Bethany Hazelitt. Mr. Bronson (Supporting)

Vices (T.V. Pilot) Bryan Boynton. Addict (Featured)

Due Time (Short) Jon Connor. Andy (Lead)

Dos Hermanos (Feature) Kyle Veltema. Detective (Supporting)

Opera Grand Rapids (Promo). Bar Patron (Extra)

Faith Under Fire. Joel Paul Reisig. Hospital Visitor/ Nurse (Featured)

Jack London’s Son Of the Wolf (Feature) Joel Paul Reisig. Referee (Supporting)

Agramon’s Gate (Feature) Harley Wallen. Coffee Shop Patron (Extra)

The Projectionist (Short). Tom Norton. Jewish Refugee (Featured)

His Choice (Short) Bethany Hazelitt/ Bill Gelineau. Restaurant Patron (Extra)

Says Robinson regarding his work in 2018, “Yes, I have been busy trying to make a name for myself and network with the amazing talent and crew here in Michigan! I have some exciting projects to look forward to for next year as well!



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