Shad Moore’s award-winning ‘The Birthday’ now online

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Shad Moore’s award-winning short film, “The Birthday” is now online.

Written and directed by Mushad Moore (known as Shad for short), is an actor  known for Scapegoat (2018), Indictment: Dead Witnesses Can’t Talk (2016) and Trapped: The Ultimate Sacrifice (2014).  This is the first short for which he is credited as a  screenwriter/director/and producer.

“When I first started acting my goal was to be in a trailer.  Fast forward five years later I’m starring in a trailer for a movie I wrote” said Moore.

In this short,  Shad Moore’s character Mike, when he does not hear from his girlfriend,  is taken out on the town by his friend, Darius (played by JoiRida Cheatham) for a night he will not soon forget.

“The Birthday” has been co-produced by JoiRida Cheatham (AKA Dtonio JoiRida Cheatham, AKA Dtonio Lebrian Cheatham),  With cinematography and film editing by Dtonio Cheatham,  is a producer and actor, known for Junior (2018),  Halt: The Motion Picture (2018),  Down to the Wire (2016), 45 Days to Be Rich.

“The Birthday” was produced by MuSHAD Moore #S33Productions in association with JCP films, and stars:  Mushad Moore, Dominique Alexander, Kevin Tates, Dtonio Cheatham, Anna c Hollingsworth, and Chelsee Peck.  and others.

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