Filmmaker and younger brother appear on Detroit Public TV’s American Black Journal

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Film Maker Dtonio Cheatham and his little brother actor D’blessed Robinson did their first TV Interview on Detroit Public TV’s American Black Journal.

Dtonio Cheatham a Detroit-based filmmaker and his younger brother, D’blessed Robinson appeared on Detroit Public TV’s American Black Journal to talk about a short anti-bullying film that has garnered a lot of attention.  (Their interview starts at the 14:29 mark.)

Originally created for the Detroit 48 Hour Film Challenge,  this short film was to be about “fight or flight” and was to be no more than fifteen minutes long.  The resulting film about bullying  was uploaded on September 8, 2018,  and has since that time  received almost 5.5M views.  It has also received over 20K mostly positive comments and pushed the film’s directors subscribers up to 31K for this one video alone.

Entitled “Junior,” this viral film has even earned an award for D’blessed Robinson, its young lead actor from Detroit.   D’blessed’s first starring role,  the impactful film has created an impression on its viewers that cannot be denied.   Here is a few minutes of what was experienced when Dtonio and D’blessed visited the David Ellis Academy for a meet and greet.


Says Dtonio about his films, “”Junior” was not just a story I made up. It happens in real life! Everything, from the beating to the person recording. This is why “Junior” was so impactful and gained millions of views! Because it was authentic and the truth! I don’t know when this video was recorded and I don’t know where it takes place. All I know is that bullying is a serious situation and the kids doing the bullying need to be dealt with ASAP!

About the gift Dtonio has for filmmaking,  “I have a special ability to tell very profound stories and make very emotional movies that will have an internal effect on the viewers. It’s a special gift that many don’t have, or maybe they have it, but don’t embrace it.”

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