‘The Christ Slayer’ poster and release dates announced

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The third film in “The Quest Trilogy” releasing for the Easter 2019 season.

Collective Development Inc. is a quiet powerhouse in the Midwest production circle. The company founded in 1996 by DJ Perry and Jeff Kennedy has continued to produce a steady stream of entertainment properties. CDI’s biblical adventure trilogy “The Quest Trilogy” has forged an on-going relationship with Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG) for distribution into the world market.

The first two films in the trilogy FORTY NIGHTS and CHASING THE STAR have been released and continue to expand into additional markets and platforms. Both films enjoyed a handful of theatrical showings set up by CDI Distribution before moving into BMG home video/foreign. BMG has now entered into a theatrical partnership that will put a thousand plus screens into their release network. Each CDI film will be evaluated, pitched with P&A committed and be granted anywhere from a few event showings to a limited or wide release.

Following the first two trilogy films, which won ‘Most Inspirational’ awards at the http://www.internationalcff.org the third film THE CHRIST SLAYER, is looking to make it a trifecta. The third film takes place at the Passover and the days that follow the crucifixion. The film is a mix of scripture and Christian legend woven to try and create a more complete picture. It follows Longinus (Carl Weyant) as the Roman soldier who put the spear to Jesus (DJ Perry) on the cross.  Co-starring is Josh ‘The Ponceman’ Perry, known for his comedic work on the big and small screen (Looper, Shameless), Josh takes a dramatic turn as the loyal attendant to Longinus. The actor who has Down syndrome is pushing the perception of what people with his condition can do.  Also returning to the trilogy is Melissa Anschutz as Mother Mary, Shane Hagedorn as Archangel Gabriel and Taymour Ghazi and Rance Howard as the Devil in his various incarnations.

“The Christ Slayer” is getting a special release to coincide with the Easter 2019 holiday. TV/Cable broadcast and digital purchase will begin 2/4/2019, DVD purchase on 3/4/2019 and digital rental 4/8/2019 – Also the film will participate in a run of special event theatrical showings across the country with the new BMG theatrical partnership.

This third film is the pinnacle of the trilogy in size and scope. It again uses the same ‘Star Wars’ heroic myth, storytelling style. All three films had director of photography Jesse Aragon attached creating the beautiful world on screen. Composer Dennis Therrian once again creates an epic score that brings the biblical world to life.  Michigan State University graduate Nathaniel Nose directed THE CHRIST SLAYER from a DJ Perry script.

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