‘Revenge of the Mask’ full movie is now online

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If you missed the Green Carpet premiere of Lance Kawas/ Dylan Sides “Revenge of the Mask” and didn’t have a chance to photograph and rub elbows with the actors and crew that made this movie a solid entertainment experience,  you can now see it online.

Last night as those in attendance were treated to “Revenge of the Mask”  on the big screen, it was uploaded to youtube.com.   Now you can watch it in its entirety in the comfort of your own home,  or wherever else you may enjoy a streaming experience.

But, as someone who saw this masterfully produced fan flick on the big screen last night,  I can say with a certainty,  there is no substitute for seeing something like this, or anything else for that matter,  on a theater screen,  in the dark with people who have traveled,  as some do,  distances to share the experience.  Where else can you direct your questions to the film director and producer directly and have them answered in real time afterwards?   Where else can you ask your favorite actors questions that you have been excitedly holding until the lights come up? Or slap skin and share embraces with the cast and crew in showing your support for what they have created for your enjoyment?  If you have the chance, always attend a premiere and you will realize that watching the same amazing production on the family television set does not compare.

For you who were not able to attend this premiere last night,  here is “Revenge of the Mask”  for your viewing pleasure.



Special kudos to the actors who really reached deep to create the characters you see here.  To open with the Viking scene on the beach during the late winter months took a special commitment,  but Robert Laenen  and Peter Herold really pulled off both roles well.


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Athena Isabelle Labessis really did Leslie well.  I would like to see Athena in many more roles.  I really cringed when she was being lifted by her hair from the floor by Tick Tock.

Tim Parrish really shined as Alan.  Considering this, according to IMDB is a first role for Tim, (Dylan tells me has been in one more which was his first) he has a future if he stays in acting.  There are certainly more directors who would line up to have him in future productions.  (“Tim did not do the part of the Mask, as he is too nice of a guy.” Dylan Sides esplains.)

Although he may have fallen short of the insanity portrayed by Jim Carey in the 1994 original Mask, Michael Burgard was his crazy best as Loki/The Mask.  There are few trained  comedians other than the late Robin Williams who had Jim Carrey’s kind of comic energy when he was in his prime.  But Michael did a stellar job.

Ammar Nemo really came across as a convincing bad-ass as Tick Tock.  He was particularly effective when he was holding Alan from the bridge, and later as he pulled Alan from the car and pounded his head against its hood, and followed this up by kicking him before driving off in the car.

Brian Heintz really displayed some dramatic chops as bad guy T.  He says “playing a bad-ass is easy,”  but only if you are so inclined.  To have pulled it off so convincingly earned him a thumbs up.  (I would have given him two thumbs up,  but my other hand held my camera.)

And Gary Brunner who portrayed heavy Mcclaren can easily be seen as a mob boss in any mobster movie from the Godfather to the Sopranos.

While he is not credited for his casting,  Dylan Sides did a real good job finding the actors for these roles.  Every actor looked like the character they were playing without one bad fit.

And Lance Kawas should,  without a doubt, be credited for an outstanding job in pulling every one together and pulling this off as one of the best fan flicks

Lastly,  Istvan Lettang should be recognized for his exemplary cinematography,  and Christina Tomlinson for the wardrobe work that she did for both the short Viking scene and the full movie.  Christina did an excellent job with what she had to work.

This is a masterpiece of indie movie making and deserves the millions of views,  positive comments and viewer subscriptions that it received.  Without putting too fine a point on this,  this is an example of the quality of film production people here in Michigan can deliver.

This is a Michigan indie film production.

Attend a premiere and enjoy the movie as it was intended.


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