Reminder: ‘Revenge of the Mask’ premieres tonight, November 30

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You have certainly seen the trailer for “Revenge of the Mask.” Millions have.  You have watched the prequel “Rise of the Mask.”  Now see this much anticipated ‘Revenge of the Mask’ as it explodes across the screen in full in cinematic color tonight,  November 30 2018.

Based on the Dark Horse comic series “The Mask,”.this movie is a departure from the 1994 Jim Carey movie and is a few degrees darker.  As it  follows a new character, Alan, who finds there is a thin line between hero and monster,  this bloody adaptation blends the story elements created by Mike Richardson with the stylistic overtones from the 1994 film version of “The Mask”.

Executive Producer: Dylan Sides
Director: Lance Kawas
Director of Photography: Istvan Lettang

Be among the first to see it in its entirety as it premieres at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema in its Green Carpet Premiere. Meet members of its cast and crew, and engage with the Producer Dylan Sides and Director Lance Kawas as they answer questions as to how this film was made.

One night only
This Friday at 10:15 pm at
The Bell Air Luxury Cinema
10100 E 8 Mile Rd
Detroit, MI 48234


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