#MICHIGANCONNECTION: Anne Fletcher’s Dumplin’ to drop December 7

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Love ’em or loathe ’em,  it seems beauty pageants have a place.  Just as long as the beauty contestants are not children.  That’s just wrong!

In Anne Feltcher‘s  (Step Up (2006), 27 Dresses (2008)  and The Proposal (2009)) newest Dumplin‘ we are introduced to Willowdean Dickson – aka Dumplin’ – (Danielle Macdonald), a likeable enough character who accidentally sparks a revolution of sorts against typical beauty standards when she sign ups for the beauty pageant run by her mother in order to prove something to herself.

Dumplin‘ challenges the Hollywood idea of what a beauty pageant is all about, as Dumplin’, is all about protesting beauty pageants.

Although this drama may not introduce anything conceptually new to this trope, Dumplin’ has a generic enough appeal to attract a large number of people watching it. Also featured are new and re-recorded songs from Dolly Parton which is also certain to attract fans of her music as well to this new film.

Based upon a script by Kristin Hahn, based on a novel by Julie Murphy,  Jennifer Aniston plays Willowdean’s mother, local beauty queen Rosie Dickson and delivers a performance in this movie that may be the real highlight as well.  Dumplin’ also co-stars Odeya Rush, Luke Benward, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Maddie Baillio and Dove Cameron.

The film will be released on Netflix on December 7th 2018.

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