Corbin Bernsen joins cast of ‘A Bennett Song Holiday’

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Actor Corbin Bernsen joins the cast of the Nancy Oeswein/Auburn Moon Agency production of “A Bennett Song Holiday” this weekend,  November 15, 2018.

Known for his roles in such highly lauded fan favorites as LA Law and Psych,  Bernsen is an Emmy, and Golden Globe-nominated actor.


In LA Law, Bernsen portrayed opportunistic divorce lawyer “Arnie Becker,”   earning him multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations over the show’s eight-year run.

Said director Harley Wallen in talking of Bernson, “In “A Bennett Song Holiday” Bernson will appear as Aiden Neville, a real estate mogul with a chip on his shoulder. Being #1 and making hard decisions is his thing and he generally thinks he knows best and doesn’t mind teaching others a lesson in the process of acquiring and conquering.”

In “A Bennett Song Holiday” we pick up where we left off in award-winning “Bennett Song,” this unique family overcomes new obstacles and finds new ways to celebrate the holidays.

Bennett’s Song and A Bennett Song Holiday were both written by Nancy Oeswein, and are directed by multiple award-winning actor and director Harley Wallen.

Filming has begun on “A Bennett Song Holiday.”

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