Prequel ‘Rise of the Mask’ is now online

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The prequel to one of the Internet Data Base’s fastest rising viral fan flick trailers is now online.  “Rise of the Mask” was posted on youtube October 31.    Although its numbers have not risen as fast as those for the fan flick for which this prequel was created, having achieved over 100K views since it was posted it still has respectable numbers.

Inspired by the Dark Horse Comics “The Mask” storyline, this prequel tells the story of three people tasked by Odin to capture Loki and contain his power.   In this short you see two brothers fighting for possession of the artifact.   Bobby Laenen appears as Torbjorn,  Peter Herold as Bard., Michael Burgard as Loki and Linda Douglas as Herthe.

A backstory and explanation of what you are witnessing in this short:  In the films, Loki created the Mask and tossed it from above onto this world to create mess among the mortals. In this universe however, Loki went on some sort of rampage on Earth. Odin sent three people to find and capture him (that baldy at the beginning was Loki), and repossess his powers. The old woman read rituals that allowed his power to turn into a mask. The men were brothers and warriors. One was loyal, wanted to put that foul artifact into a box and under the sea. But his brother, clearly, got greedy like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, and wanted the power for himself. The two fought, the loyal one had to kill the greedy one, and at the end, committed suicide by walking into the ocean.

Filmed on location at Luna Pier,  Michigan, “damn near Ohio,”  there was very little CGI used in the film.  The day was just perfect for the shoot and the drone which captured the lapping waves upon the shore did a good job.  Take note: the same beach used for  the “Rise of the Mask” will be used again in the “Revenge of the Mask.”  The difference is that one was shot in April and the other in July, so the location looks different.

Watch this short until the end of the credits for a special reveal. Also watch the film below for some really solid behind the scenes stuff on how “Rise of the Mask” was shot.


Directed by Lance Kawas.  Written by Christina M. Tomlinson.  Executive Produced by Dylan Sides.  Director of Photography Istvan Lettang.  Music by Pierre Vaucher.  Additional music by Danheim

“Rise of the Mask” is a companion piece to “Revenge of the Mask,” which will be released on November 30, 2018.

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