Don Overton’s ‘Be Somebody’ premieres

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Don Overton’s action/crime drama”Be Somebody” premiered at the Marlene Boll Theater, Detroit, November 3rd, 2018.  Sharing the bill, opening the show was B. Van Randall’s motion comic “Therians: The Awakening.”

Be Somebody” is the story of Richard, a novelist, who must adopt the persona of one of his characters in order to come up with an exciting novel to submit to his publisher.  A problem arises when he finds himself in the middle of a gambling ring run by local gangsters and learns that he is not the only unfortunate in the short-hairs of this local syndicate.

Written by Don Overton, directed by Don and Carla Overton, “Be Somebody” stars Harley Wallen, writer/director/actor known for role as Seth Nichols in the movie Moving Parts (2017), and Mikhail Kovalchek in the movie Betrayed (2018), and others,  Melvin Jackson, Jr., The Wire (2004),  Cisco Reyes, as Melvin/Eddie Murphy in the This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, Not Yours (2018) and Grover McCants, Fatal Attraction (2016) and Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge (2018),  and other actors.

Therians: The Awakening,” part of a longer series, was conceived and written  by B. Van Randall, and stars John L Criswell Jr., known for his role as Kali in Forbidden (2018) and White Boy Rick (2018)  Alton James, known as the composer for Devil’s Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge, and Hobart Reynolds, The Ugly One: Thor’s Revenge (2003) and The Funeral Guest (2015).

The premiere was well attended.



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