PICTORIAL: Photographing the bones of a great old train station, Corktown-Detroit

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Last week Friday,  November 2, 2018, the Freep Film Festival hosted a screening of the documentary ‘Comeback City’ at the historic Michigan Central Station.  Long vacant, the last train left this station in 1987,  it sat empty, a destination for urban explorers, the target of graffiti artists.

There was talk that the city would tear down this structure, originally acquired by the Moroun Family, owners of the Ambassador Bridge, the international crossing connecting Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario it was recently bought by Dearborn automaker the Ford Motor Company, and has been designated as the center piece of a planned Corktown campus.

Having received a historic designation, plans are now to restore the station to its original grandeur down to every detail.  It will be given new life and become even more emblematic of the rise and fall and triumphant return of the Motor City.


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