‘Andy the Talking Hedgehog’ to screen in Port Huron, November 10

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Starring Karina Martinez “Andy the Talking Hedgehog ” will screen at the Sperry’s Moviehouse, Saturday,  November 10th.   Start time 10:00 am doors open at 9:00 am.

Written by George Saunders,  directed by Joel Paul Reisig, starring Karina Martinez, Dean Cain, Tara Reid and others, “Andy the Talking Hedgehog” is a magical, family oriented movie so bad that it has gotten buzz all over the internet.

Synopsis, complete with spoilers:  After Lily wishes for all animals to have the ability to speak, local robbers intend to capture her talking hedgehog to sell for money.

Afterward Karina will be signing autograph posters/ talking pictures with Joel Paul Reisig.  She is so excited to meet everyone

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