Dave Kilgore releases third of three books, ‘Murder in Breakbroke Pass’–with yet another on the way, a cornucopia of ideas for the filmmaker

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Are you itching to make a film, but short on ideas.  Dave Kilgore may have that idea.

He has released three books, with another on the way.  If we were to count the ideas that he has created adding this fourth book,  he will have created a total of 455 ideas,  a cornucopia of ideas just ripe for developing.

To give you some idea how these ideas translate into films,  check out this short film he created based on a flash fiction story in his book,  “Flash Fiction Light, Dark, and Odd: 150 One-Page Stories of Murder, Grief, Levity, and Love.”




Entitled, “Invasion,”  this short film is an apocalyptic thriller, page 147, of a book 306 pages thick.  It is but one seed which, if planted in a fertile imagination, can spring eternal and serve as the catalyst for a film yet made.

As well as his short narratives,  he has written  ” 204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens.”  And he has recently released his first novel, “Murder in Breakbroke Pass.


The book he is currently working on is one for which he has had a lot of demand.  Entitled, “100 Two Minute Monologues for Adults: Original Works for Actors to Use in Audition and Practice  ‘  this is the cover for the book.  (This book has not yet been released.)


Asked how he comes up with his ideas: What blows me away is you are displaying 355 really outstanding, different ideas Dave. No two alike. I know this because I have both your “204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens” and “Flash Fiction Light, Dark, and Odd: 150 One-Page Stories of Murder, Grief, Levity, and Love.”   . I haven’t read but your write up of your latest. How in the world do you come up with so many different ideas? What is your inspiration?


Dave Kilgore answered “ LOL. Squirrel! My mind just goes in so many directions, David. A good portion of it is the actor side of me. Just getting into my character’s heads affords me views of their worlds from their perspectives. It’s like I’m not writing anything…I’m just observing, and they’re doing the writing. I’m just documenting it. It is an invigorating experience when it’s flowing like that. “

These books can be purchased in either a Kindle-edition or a paperback on Amazon.  They can be orderd separately,  or together and would be a welcomed addition to any personal library.  As a gift for the upcoming holidays,  they would be welcomed by any one who enjoys a pleasurable read. amazon.com/author/davekilgore

About Dave Kilgore

Dave Kilgore is an actor, pianist, film composer, music playwright, author…and loving every minute of it

He is a 2018 Film Class Mentor at Madonna University; Author of 100 Two-Minute Monologues,  Treebark Mansion, The Birth of Sarah Benning,  Murder in Breakbroke Pass, Flash Fiction Light, Dark, and Odd,  204 Short Monologues and Scenes for Kids and Teens.Owner/Author at Scribernaut Press, Writer/Composer at The Lost Treasure of Forgotten, The Musical Play;Writer/Composer at Serenity Falls, The Musical Play; Owner/writer/composer at Well-Tuned Films. An ator/student at the ACTORS LOFT;An acot, composer. at Charlie’s Talent; an actor at IGroup Talent Agency,  Actor at Real Style Talent & Casting, and an actor at PRODUCTIONS PLUS – THE TALENT SHOP.




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