Breaking News! Prequel to ‘Revenge of the Mask’ just announced–now fans to be treated to two awesome ‘Mask’ episodes this year

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Every legend has a beginning.   So it is only fitting that “Mask” fans be treated to a prequel which will reveal the origin of “The Mask’s” creation.

In a Facebook post,  Lance Kawas and Dylan Sides today, October 24, 2018,  have announced that they will do “something never done before for “The Mask” series. ”

The Facebook post read:

Big Announcement!!!

In response to the trailer of “Revenge of the Mask,” we have decided to do something never done before for “The Mask” series.

The fans deserve to see the true potential of this world. As a result, we will be presenting you with, “Rise of the Mask.”

We will be releasing a story that will reveal the origin of “The Mask’s” creation in a short film that will be released October 31st 2018.

Fans will be getting 2 short films this year, not one.

We are proud and excited to show you what we have created.

“Rise of the Mask” will be release OCTOBER 31st, 2018.

“Revenge of the Mask” will be released NOVEMBER 30th, 2018.

Written by Dylan Sides, screenplay by Christina Tomlinson, directed by Lance Kawas,  produced by Sides Studios and Tubular Dudes Films,  “Rise of the Mask” will star Bobby Laenen, Peter Herold and Michael Burgard.

Although “Revenge of the Mask” was originally scheduled to be released on Halloween,  said Dylan Sides,  “We decided to release this short film separately and give revenge more time to grow.  This will be epic and will tell the story how how the mask was created I promise you will like it.”

This has apparently created some fan confusion.  As one fan confessed, ” I’m a bit confused here. If you have just decided to do this, why is out before “Revenge of the Mask”? And why does it have “Rrevenge of the Mask’s” release date which was supposed to be Halloween as well?”

Answered Sides, “We have decided to move back “Revenges” release date to the 30th of November to do some more work on it and a bit more world building.

“We have planned to release this film in secret along side “Revenge,” but we have decided to release it early and let it helm the release of the film with a proper origin story.”

As it will release on Halloween, which is only six days from now,  can we expect  to see a trailer for “Rise”?

Sides answered, “You already seen a few clips from it in the trailer. (remember the scene of the Vikings in the official trailer?)  It will be released Halloween, so, I don’t think its necessary to give anything away.”

Mind blow!



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