Award-winning actress, Heather Fairbanks reels in big one

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Being an actor can be a very stressful job.  Depending on the director, and the role in which you appear,  it can mean memorizing many pages of text; remaining in character for repeated takes; long hours on a set;  depending on the locale for a shoot,  spending countless hours, maybe days, or weeks away from family… but when a director shouts, “That’s a wrap!”  an actor can relax.

Every actor has their own way of relaxing when filming wraps.  When award-winning actress Heather Fairbanks is not on a set,  she travels and can be seen any place throughout the world,  with her husband, Troy Randall-Kilpatrick (also an actor)  and her sons,   Liam and Walker Fairbanks (Walker is a young actor just coming into his own.)

Heather also likes communing with nature.   This includes fishing the Great Lakes.  In this set of photos, she can be seen masterfully handling a prized catch.  Here she is seen holding it close to her body,  to support this giant’s weight. (Yep, this is not a created illusion.) Exactly how big was this inhabitant of the Great Lakes?

Answers Heather, “I’m afraid I don’t know how many pounds, but this lake trout was relatively small compared to the salmon they usually catch.”

Where was this fish caught?  Heather replies,”I reeled it in, right off Harbor Springs in Little Traverse Bay with friends from Pond Hill Farm.

She continues, “Don’t let this pic fool ya, my friends on the boat are pros and knew what bait, etc.  I was driving the boat at the time, and the guys let me reel this one in. We actually thought it was a lot bigger since it gave up a good fight. ”

What did she do with this fish?  “My family has been enjoying some lovely trout dinners ever since. ”

She recommends, “If you are heading up north, be sure to stop in at Pond Hill Farm for fresh seafood, freshly brewed beer, fabulous farm to table food and terrific company!”

Watch for Heather in the “Revenge of the Mask,”  a short film based on the Dark Horse Comics character, the 1994 version starred Jim Carrey. It premieres October 29, 2018, and will be online on October 31.   Since the official trailer was released,  this fan film has been burning up the internet and has raced to the top of the IMDB MOVIEmeter.  Heather appears as Christina Mcguffin

She can also be seen in a number of as-yet-unreleased Harley Wallen/Painted Creek Productions including,  Enigma, Agramon’s Gate, Abeyance,and  A Bennett Song Holiday, all in various stages of production.


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