Bennett’s-Song sequel in the works–first round of new cast announced

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by Nancy Oeswein

A sequel to Bennett’s Song is in the works–and the first round of new cast has been announced.  Some exciting announcements for Hollywood and East Coast talent will drop within the week.

“A Bennett-Song Holiday” includes over 20 new characters along with some of the ones you already love.  The actors who made the cut were announced this past week.
Written by Nancy Oeswein, directed by Harley Wallen,  Bennett’s Song is the story of two very unique families on a collision course who find laughs, music, and love, and a few answers about what it means to be an American family in the 21st century.   Bennett’s Song featured Tara ReidDennis HaskinsCalhoun Koenig, Aphrodite Nikolovski, Harley Wallen  and others. 

The cast for this sequel includes 18 new people in speaking roles that  have never been cast with this production company before or who have been extras for other Auburn Moon/Painted Creek Productions and not had a speaking role before, along with a few familiar faces. Oeswein said “We are proud of our diversity and proud to be constantly reaching out and expanding opportunities for Michigan talent.”Congratulations were extended to all the new cast members joining the Bennett-Song sequel.  KateLynn Elizabeth as Babe, Marie Muhammad as Selina, and Kyle Patrick as Robert.  Kim Cruchon as Gloria, Rochelle Nichole as 911 Operator, Chris Newman as Edward White, Ray Morgis as Mr. Cavanaugh and Shirley Moon Koebbe as Svenska. Denise Emilia as Lana,Sylvia Shelby Bradley as Laura (wait wasn’t that your name in the last movie?), Bennie of Jon Tomus as Jon, Heather Kilpatrick as Nurse Linda, Elizabeth G Williams as Dr. Nelson with a surprise guest, Brooke Mallon as Mrs. Green (along with baby Mallon making his or her film debut in utero), Jeffrey McMahon as the EMT, and Christy Edwards as the juggler. Rose Anne Nepa as Bidder #1 and Jim McIntosh as the rude customer.

There also have 8 new child actors joining the cast, including 3 making their film debut.  Madison Gates (Jessi Gates) as Young Stephanie, Jacquelyn Woo (Howard Woo) as Young Pearl, and Anniker Gaber (Mary Josephine Gaber), Kayleigh Yessayan (Roza Matevosian) and Summer Borromeo (Melissa Finfrock Borromeo) will be in an adorable flashback scene.  As Sarah, welcome Sasha Jackson (Sherri Anne Jackson), Dahlia Sessions (Cheri Kay Sessions) as Kat and Koi Thompson (Jackie Thompson) as Essie.

The cast includes 4 deaf/HOH (hard of hearing) actors.

Once a few more production details are complete, about 250 extras in various scenes will be needed.  Watch for that in a few days.  It is asked that those interested in being extras Please Don’t Message casting about being an extra until dates are posted so we can keep everyone carefully logged by available dates.

To follow developments in this sequel,

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