3rd Annual Horror Film Festival descends on Port Huron, October 26-27

The Desmond District Demons Film Festival will descend on Port Huron, Michigan, on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th. Entering its 3rd year as a premiere film festival for the horror genre, films will again be screened at the iconic Sperry’s Moviehouse in Downtown Port Huron.

The darling of Michigan film, Shirley Moon Koebbe gets sides in the sequel ‘Bennett’s Song Holiday’

Perhaps you have seen her. She has been in numerous Michigan films. Both as an extra, and more recently in acting roles.

Her name is Shirley Moon Koebbe (pronounced with a silent O, ie Keb-be). Cast in the feature film “A Bennett Song Holiday” she will appear as Svenska…a lovable character who provides a surprise twist in the film.

Bennett’s-Song sequel in the works–first round of new cast announced

A sequel to Bennett’s Song is in the works–and the first round of new cast has been announced. Some exciting announcements for Hollywood and East Coast talent will drop within the week.

“A Bennett-Song Holiday” includes over 20 new characters along with some of the ones you already love.