‘The Split’ wins the 2018 Film Challege Detroit

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TV Local 4 this past summer put out the call to local filmmakers. They were asked to show just how talented they really are. The response was overwhelming.  100s of submissions were received.

After an exhaustive process narrowing down all the amazing entries, the committee managed to pick the 10 films that truly rose above the rest.   Local filmmakers were voted on as people were asked to cast their votes for their favorite.

While the Winner and the Runner-up were chosen by a panel of judges which in the past have included Devin Scillian, Greg Russell, Tati Amare and the Dean of Film Studies from Oakland University, the film with the most votes by 8:00 PM on Tuesday, October 9th won the People’s Choice Award.

Last night the winner of the 2018 Film Challenge Detroit were announced in a ceremony at the MJR Troy Digital Cinema.  This year’s theme was “Fight or Flight.”

The Grand Prize winning film was the comedy short, “The Split.”  Greg Kort was the director, Anthony Moceri and Alex Drucas are the writers of this comedy.  They all work together for the Donor ad agency.   They each wore multiple hats and got it done.  It took approximately a day and a half to create this Film Challenge winner.

In the film, after a heist, three criminals split their take. The question is: Is there honor among thieves? Here in this interview, we see a short out-take from the film.

The Runner Up was Prisoner of Fear a Michael D’Ercole film, a Sad Clown Production,  written and directed by Dana Abraham.  In this short it is asked whether a man can overcome his social anxiety or will he remain locked up in a prison of his own making?

For the People’s Choice Award the recipient was the picture Charge, directed by Jacob Mendez. In it a terrible relationship leads to a robbery gone bad. The question: will the heroine learn to fight?

View the top ten entries below, and then see whether you agree with those chosen.



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