‘Revenge of the Mask’ official trailer explodes online–approaches 7M views its first week

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The Sides Studios trailer for “Revenge of the Mask”  is exploding online.  It has gone viral. Within the first week of being uploaded on Youtube,  the official trailer for this fan film has received close to 7 million views.

That’s 7 million views within one week.  The first week it has appeared online.  This speaks volumes to how many fans world-wide want to see this film.

Based on the Dark Horse Comics story “The Mask,” this movie follows a new character, Alan, who finds there is a thin line between hero and monster. This bloody adaptation blends the story elements created by Mike Richardson with the stylistic overtones from the 1994 film version of “The Mask”.

The first Reboot of the 1990s Jim Carrey version, this movie is a more accurate comic book version of the Dark Horse comic.  Says Comic book historian Charles Terry, “This movie is dark and more true and natural in comic book nature than the first movie with Jim Carrey. ”

Written by Athena Isabel LebessisKyle Parker, and Dylan Sides,   “Revenge of the Mask” is directed by Lance Kawas .  It stars Michael Bugard , Tim Parrish, and Athena Isabel Lebessis and a host of others.

How is the “Revenge of the Mask” being received by fans:?  According to Brett Scott,   “This trailer looks pretty damn legit for being a fan made trailer.” .

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Why not make one and let the producers of this trailer know what you think.

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