“Revenge of the Mask” contest results announced live

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The results of the “Revenge of the Mask” contest were announced live at 6:00 PM EST, October 12th, 2018.

From the time that word regarding this contest were posted to the time that the view count exceeded 7M, and subscriptions went up by 10K to 17K,  a little over three hours had passed.   That was an incredible 33K views per hour.

Dylan Sides, of Sides Studios announced the winners in a live-stream on Facebook.

Hey, guys! Live with the contest results!!!
Winners are:
1st– Screen used mask – Monica marie locke
2nd- Screen used Background mask – Cass Glenn
3rd– A crew gift mask handed out to the cast and crew. – Jake Davis
4th – A screen used Big Head prosthetic blood rig puppet. – kevin verdurme
5th– pieces of the chest of Loki – kenny shredder allen
6th– The masks screen used hero revolver – featured in the trailer- Ivan Briosa

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