‘Revenge of the Mask’ contest announced–offers big prizes to winners

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The number of views for the fan film, “Revenge of the Mask” are climbing practically as fast as the numbers on a gas pump.  That’s viral for you! Once they attain their numbers, Sides Studios will award winners in a contest to which fans world-wider can enter with the following:

Ok, guys, Big Contest Time.  We have decided that if we reach 7 million views and get close to 16 thousand subscribers (already done), we will be giving away six prizes this time.


First Prize Winner will receive a screen used mask of Loki.

Second Place Winner will receive a background mask.

Third Place Winner Will receive a crew gift mask handed out to the cast and crew.

Fourth Place Winner – A screen used Big Head prosthetic blood rig puppet.

Fifth Place Winner – pieces of the chest of Loki

Sixth Place Winner– The masks screen used hero revolver – featured in the trailer

Each winner will receive eight pin created by a good friend at pugUgly

If you guys want to purchase your own you could find them at

All you guys have to do is like and comment online why you love “The mask”!! Or the Mask Darkhorse comics.

Good luck!!!!!

Communicating with Dyland Sides, the Producer of “Revenge of the Mask,”  he had this to say,  “It’s very crazy. ”

Figuring the numbers he is getting now,  this number should be realized by some time this afternoon.  He said this, “Getting about 20,000 views an hour.  So in about five hours or so.    Yeah that’s nothing two days ago was 120,000 an hour.  It’s finally slowing down.”

So, concludes Dylan Sides “Lol at some point in the day it’s higher And lower.”

If you want to participate in this contest, go on Facebook to “Revenge of the Mask” and offer your answers to why you like “The Mask,” or the Mask Darkhorse Comics.

Contest winners will be announced REAL soon.  Don’t hesitate.

Again, enter online at https://www.facebook.com/revengeofthemask/

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