Dblessed Robinson wins Best Actor award

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In what can best be described as a surprise,–albeit a much prayed for and deserving surprise–Dblessed Robinson, lead in the viral sensation ‘Junior’ was awarded Best Actor at last night’s Channel 4 Click-On Detroit People’s Choice Awards of the 2018 Detroit Film Challenge.

As this video opens you can see Dtonio covering his eyes as if saying one last-minute prayer.  But as Dblessed’s name is called, Dtonio jumps to his feet and howls in celebration, congratulating his younger brother.

As last night’s host tells it,  ”  Right after Junior,  I snuck out, had to go to the bathroom,  and he was in there.  I said “Wow! Great job!”  It was like running into a movie star.  ”  Apparently, although this decision had been made,  the host remained mum and said nothing of it to Dblessed, so as not to spoil the surprise.

To answer the host’s question,  yes he does look like a movie star.

Congratulations to Dblessed Robinson.  And Dtonio Cheatham who wrote and directed “Junior.”


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