#MICHIGANCONNECTION: JK Simmons helps raise money for inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities

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Michigan born, Oscar-winning actor J.K. Simmons, known for his tough-guy roles on the big screen, now is showing his softer side. Joining a star studded lineup of the best of Broadway, TV and film,  he will help raise money to build inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities in the city.

Joining Liz Callaway, Jim Caruso, Charlotte d’Ambrose, Melissa Errico, Evan Ruggiero, Joan Ryan, Billy Stritch and Ali Stroker,  Simmons will take the stage at Carnegie Hall, at a benefit Monday night to raise funds for the new park as Shane’s Inspiration is hosting its 17th annual fundraising gala, October 1, 2018.

Shane’s Inspiration, an international nonprofit dedicated to creating inclusive playgrounds and educational programs that foster social inclusion for children with disabilities and programs that integrate children of all abilities socially, physically and emotionally, fostering acceptance, friendship and understanding.

Said Simmons, “Shane’s Inspiration provides an environment for kids with disabilities to play alongside typically developing kids, and it started in California, spread across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and now, they have playgrounds in Israel, Russia and worldwide.

“They’re partnering with Carnegie Hall, Too Small to Fail, and NY Parks and Rec on a playground that will be musically themed, and like all their playgrounds, it provides a place for kids with disabilities to play alongside typically developing kids, so they can play along with their peers and their siblings, which is my favorite part of it.”

For more information, and to get tickets, visit shanesinspiration.org/touchthesky.


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