JCP Films new short ‘Junior’ tackles bullying from the victim’s point of view

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Dtonio Cheatham’s short film “Junior” is now online and in the time that it has been so the numbers have spiked.  Within the first several days,  without any more promotion than appears on Cheatham’s Facebook page and word of mouth,  this short film about bullying has seen over 4000 views.

“Junior” is the story of a young man battling with depression and the stress of being bullied by other boys in the neighborhood. With no one to turn to, he is forced to go to extreme measures to be at peace with himself. This film tells the story solely from the victim’s point of view

D’Bless Robinson is my brother. The one who plays Junior. It’s his first time acting.” Dtonio Cheatham said of the main character. “Just highlighting the young talent in the film. They deserve the praise.”

Written and directed by Dtonio Cheatham,  “Junior” stars D’Bless Robinson as Junior, Flexx Live as Dontae, Gwendolyn Jackson as Naima, Kevyn Hardiman as Duke.  “Junior” was produced by Dtonio Cheatham, Cohl Echols, Carmen Mi’Chelle

Although Cheatham has received many positive comments regarding this short since its release,  it has received many inquiries about his decision to use the language that he did throughout the film.  The use of profanity inthe film and can be seen  as being a little strong and objectionable.

Says Cheatham of the film, “This scene is a harsh reality of what kids go through when being bullied. Some people asked if I considered a clean version of this short film, meaning taking out the profanity to make it appropriate to be shown at schools but that would make the film fugazi.

“If removing the aggressive verbal abuse to make it suitable to be shown at certain places, the film would not be as effective as it is. Kids or people, in general, DO NOT talk to other with respect when assaulting them, so why would I create a PG version of the film when it’s not true. The performance from the young actors brings an authentic look into the world of bullying, verbally and physically.

“When writing the script, I wanted people to feel uncomfortable watching this scene, and I didn’t have any doubt in my mind that this scene would do that. The reason why the scene is uncomfortable to watch is that it’s real life. Anybody (such as myself) who has been a victim of bullying can relate to this in so many different fashions. Anybody that has ever witness bullying taking place knows that it is NOT a pretty sight.”

This film in 15 minutes shows the good, bad and ugly of bullying and what young people go through on the daily bases.

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