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Actors:  You just got a call from your agent or favorite casting director who wants to include you in a casting for a major role on a new pilot or film! It’s great news until you realize they requested a self-taped audition, and they want it ASAP.

Taped auditions have become the industry standard. In film and television, the audition is called a screen test, and it is filmed so that the casting director or director can see how the actor appears on screen.



Now Jon Tomus Talent, LLC, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, are stepping up their game and have started creating taped auditions.   This new division is now Jon Tomus Productions.

This division of Jon Tomus Talent, LLC provides video audition services to actors. Most people just don’t have the time or resources to record an HD professional audition or let alone have a reader that will help direct and develop the character.

Jon Tomus Production, LLC will edit, crop and even send off the videos to their agent or to the casting director.  This service is offered to any actor in need of the service.

This new office can even hold small casting calls for local directors.


“This is only a small step on making JTT a house hold name. There is much more to come,  so stay tuned. Welcome to the World of JTT!” Bennie Taylor, CEO, Jon Tomus Talent, LLC

What people are now saying about  Jon Tomus Production’s audition videos A huge thank you to Jon Tomus Productions for a phenomenal job on my audition video. Your level of patience and professionalism was second to none. FBF, I highly recommend their services.”  Donna Grinstead


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  1. Jon Tomus Productions is a top of the line self tape service and is quite frankly killing the game! Had a fun time there! They can make the most green actor look like a pro.

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