Joel Paul Reisig releases BTS of his Native village from Act 3 of his ‘Jack London’s: Son of the Wolf’

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Joel Reisig has this past week released scenes from Act 3 of his ‘Jack London’s: Son of the Wolf’.  This two minute behind the scenes film clip has already attracted almost 2000 views.

In the third act  Jack (played by Reisig) walks into the native American village.  It was very important to him that they stay true to Native culture as they would look in a cross over period of approximately 1899; not really leather and feathers any more, the Natives started to wear the white man’s clothes.









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wanting to get as many real Native Americans into their cast as possible,  Reisig introduces some of the extras who appear in his movie.   Although the cast includes many members from different tribes, much of the film is done in Ojibwe.  The heart of the film is a love story.  The conclusion of “Jack London’s:  Son of the Wolf”  is a knife fight inside of the village grounds.

Here Reisig (Son of the Wolf) is seen with Zek Meirthew (the Bear) practicing the knife fight.  What happens here is Reisig’s character has married a Native woman, after which all the white men come into the village and take the best of  the Native women.  The tribal men agree that this cannot be, so The Bear challenges The Son of the Wolf to a knife fight to honor the tribe.



Written by Reisig,  “Jack London’s:  Son of the Wolf”  is being filmed by  John Pampreen and edited by Abbigail Rennes .     This movie is based upon several books and short stories by Jack London, author of “The Son of the Wolf”-a collection of stories of the Klondike.



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