Kevin Allen steps into film director’s shoes to create first film

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“My first movie I directed and produced! Premiered at Michigan Movie Mondays.. I hope you enjoy our short thriller!” Kevin R. Allen

Kevin Allen broke character. As everyone who knows him,  he is usually an actor. This time he stepped into a director’s shoes to create his first film, a short entitled “Adoption Day,”  which premiered at Michigan Movie Mondays ( While I like the alliteration, MMM, do not confuse this with any of the publications for which I have been responsible.  I have nothing to do with Michigan Movie Mondays.  This is Vega Entertainment production.)

This short thriller written by Matthew Santia,  stars Molly Cunningham, Cameron Benjamin. Samantha Montague, Laura Johns, and Madic Montague.   It was directed and produced by Kevin R. Allen.

Asked whether he sees himself directing any future films,  Kevin answered, ” Absolutely., I found a new passion! Look for “Drag Hags” coming next year. Drag Queen Witches go to war.. a comedy!”

Kevin R. Allen is a gay actor/producer residing in Michigan.  His first love is acting and everything to do with producing good film and stage performance.  He attended Michigan Actor’s Studio in Ferndale.  According to his IMDB credits, Kevin has acted in fifteen and produced sixteen different film productions.

Kevin is also one of Michigan’s most sought-after professional psychics. Kevin has appeared on “Dateline” and many local stations and cable networks and is best known for helping Eastpointe police help solve a 17-year-old cold case murder and helping clients by the hundreds out of his store in Clinton Twp.

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