Harley and Kaiti Wallen return home to the Mitten State

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After three weeks of needed vacation in exotic Malmo, Sweden,  director Harley Wallen and his wife Kaiti and daughters Madison 15, Hanna 5 and Emilia 3,  returned home to the Mitten State.  Flying in together,  they arrived at DTW at approximately 1:00PM last Sunday, August 26,  from Frankfurt, Germany,.

Said Harley, ” We had a great time and although I still had to do some work it was a very needed and welcomed break in the action!”

What will Harley do now that he is back in Michigan again?

“Now I’m working on deliverables for “Taken Over” and “Into a Dark Mind” for their release, then the focus turns to editing “Agramon’s Gate” and “Abeyance” and, of course, the big premiere in LA.  Along with (which I am) staying on top of “Moving Parts” and “Bennett’s Song” and their distribution.”

After the LA premiere, there is going to be a big afterparty.

Says Harley, “Our afterparty is going to be out of this world.  
Huge Sunset Blvd mansion hosting it for us    We will have a house photographer at the afterparty and we have a ton of media at the premiere. “

Harley closed saying ,” So I’ll be able to get you some photos and stuff, I’ll even try to get you some exclusive ones.”

Watch for an exclusive here on MMM2weekender.com




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