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Photographer Paul Michael Kane unveils peek at the Michigan-made sci-fi movie trilogy through the eye of his lens!

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Macomb Township, MI— Kaleidoscope Koi Entertainment recently granted famed Photographer Paul Michael Kane access to a set of the upcoming Aladdin 3477 movie trilogy, spending a few days to capture an intimate behind-the-scenes look. The live-action feature films are based on the classic Arabian Nights tale, set 1,500 years in the future and are written and directed by Detroit-based Artist Matt Busch. Unlike Disney’s Aladdin live-action musical (also currently in post-production), this epic sci-fi adventure has more of a Star Wars feel and is set throughout Asia.

An award-winning photographer, Kane combines his extensive background in the graphic arts with traditional and alternative photographic processes utilizing the latest advances in digital media. Featured in numerous books including Captured: The Ruins of Eastern State PenitentiaryFord GT: The Complete Owners Experience, and American Movie Palaces. He is also the creator of the highly successful Lightbox Photography Cards and the latest book collecting his vast imagery, Vision, will be published this Fall.

For the Aladdin 3477 shoot, Kane traveled from his home in the mountains of New Jersey to an outdoor set in Sterling Heights, Michigan, designed to look like a giant Thailand marketplace taking place in the year 3477. Built on a flat lot, the elaborate construction took 4 months to build from the ground up. In the film itself, these scenes depict one of the places Aladdin and the Jinn of Wisdom visit during their adventures. Of course, nothing goes easy for Aladdin and an epic fight/chase scene ensues.
Kane and Busch have worked together on numerous projects for over two decades. Both were featured in the book The White Album, a visual tribute to The Beatles. The two also collaborated on the highly acclaimed paranormal Konxari Cards and even co-designed a movie poster for Star Wars: Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith for Lucasfilm. “Paul has always been a visionary,” comments Busch, “but his photography has exploded his career into master status. He has this incredible gift in taking things most people see as mundane or ugly, but through his lens, it becomes stunningly beautiful.”
The Aladdin 3477 trilogy stars Erik Steele and Christi Perovski and recently won “Most Anticipated Film Project” at the 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards. Admiring these just-released photos, Busch adds, “What really amazes me about these images is just how personal they are. The end vision is, of course, the actual movies, but these photos capture something else entirely- the actual creative memories. This isn’t just what the set and actors looked like, it’s what the experience felt like to be there trying to make movie magic.”
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