Daniel Falicki’s darkest movie ‘An Anti- American’ to appear at the UICA Local Director Series, August 28

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In a continuing series spotlighting Grand Rapids’  local directors, the UICA Local Director Series will bring Daniel Falicki’s darkest movie An Anti-American to the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts 2 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 28.

An Anti-American is animated horror story about Tom and Vernon, who stumble into an abandoned building for shelter and enter a hellish world of shadows and nightmares that would change their lives forever. Trapped and psychologically tortured by an unseen forces, the brothers descend into a vortex of madness dominated and controlled by demon succubi and paranormal entities for one sole purpose…to re-awaken the Anti Christ.

“The performances of Matt Simpson Siegel, and Jason Roth are uncanny in this animated feature.”  Daniel Falicki

The UICA’s Local Director Series is a recurring event that showcases feature-length films by independent directors who live and work in Grand Rapids, MI. The Local Director Series is a premier forum for directors to share their work publicly and the event acts as a vital resource for the advancement of the West Michigan film community by increasing public awareness about independent filmmaking and the impressive film industry established in Grand Rapids.

The UICA Local Director Series
Urban Institute of  Contemporary Art
2 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Tuesday, August 28
8 PM – 9:30 PM



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