Director Robert Joseph Butler releases teaser trailer and new poster for ‘Love Immortal’–Here’s how you can help

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Award winning film director Robert Joseph Butler has released a teaser trailer and new poster for his feature film “Love Immortal.”

Love Immortal” is a drama which follows three generations of vampire women that find their lives put into jeopardy by their environmental and economic surroundings.
This intimate and equally thrilling saga with three stories that unfold in interlocking episodes elevates the genre.

This trilogy includes the tale of a vicious land speculator who subdues an offer to a dying widow and mother that resorts to vicious coercion; a vampire mother finds herself fending for her daughter’s survival after she drinks polluted blood in the aftermath of an economic collapse; and a lonely economics professor forms an unlikely bond with one of her students, who happens to secretly be a vampire.

Love Immortal” explores the desperation and desires that unsettle the lives of its immortal vampire characters.

Starring Aphrodite NikolovskiJordan Trovillion, Erika Hoveland, Julie Kline, Christine Marie, Tevis Marcum, Phillip Shaun DeVone, Chevonne Wilson and other talent, it was announced last week that award winning Hollywood actor Richard Tyson had signed on to appear in this movie.


Love Immortal”  is more than halfway done, with two chapters already completed and the third and final chapter ready to shoot soon. Butler is hoping to release the film in 2019 at multiple film festivals.  Once screened at world-wide film festivals, the main goal is to get on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other video platforms,  as well as into the video departments of major retailers.

To ensure that this happens as scheduled,  Butler’s production company Nu Wave Films has undertaken a crowdfunding campaign.   Making this a success will mean a future for Nu Wave Films and continued female driven feature films.

If you would like to donate to help fund his film, please check out his page and make a donation. With your donation, you will receive some really cool film perks. If you are unable to donate, just simply share his page to spread the word; any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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