Flint Michigan Films announces downtown studio opening to tell more stories for Flint people by Flint people

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Larger cities like Detroit or Ann Arbor have long had wider networks and advertising agencies which have sustained film markets in those locations  Now downtown Flint will soon see the opening of a film studio to create local, independent productions.

Founded by Cory James Taylor and his business partner Ryan Grant,   Flint Michigan Films will share space in the same building as Flint Local 432, at 124 West 1st St., Flint, adding to the renovations and development in the downtown area.

“We have always wanted to put our footprint downtown,” Taylor says. “Unfortunately, for a long time there just wasn’t enough business to go around. Now we have been able to put our foot down here and start making things for Flint people by Flint people.”

Flint has many talented local filmmakers including Stephen Smith of Digital Alchemy Films, Nicole Bowers Wallace of NBW Films, Mike Naddeo, who collaborates with many local nonprofits, and Flint Rat Films.

“There’s actually quite a few people involved in film in Flint, and some that have really impressive careers in town. It is a very skilled trade and you can do very well for yourself if there is a market for it,” says Taylor.

Corey James Taylor says the company will add its “footprint” to downtown with the opening of a studio to create local, independent productions.  “Letting people know that high-end production quality is being done in Flint is our goal.”

A celebration of the opening will be held at the Second Friday Artwalk in September.

Original story:  http://www.thehubflint.com/flint-michigan-films-announces-downtown-studio-opening-to-tell-more-home-grown-stories/





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