SeekaTV renews sci-fi series Northbound season 3– seasons 1 & 2 out now

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Minneapolis-based streamer SeekaTV has renewed dystopian sci-fi series Northbound Season 3 to premiere spring 2019.

The series is filmed entirely in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and stars local actor Nate Alwine (pictured above) as Alex, a father who will give his all to protect his comatose daughter Crystal as they navigate a post-cataclysmic North America.
The series, created by Michigan natives Seth and Nathan Anderson, with Minnesota native Jason Hagen, is a prequel to the forthcoming stand-alone feature film Northstar.
More information, please visit and watch Seasons 1 & 2 on SeekaTV at or watch on the SeekTV app for Roku, Apple TV and iOS.
The series is proudly presented by Rip It Energy Fuel beverages.


Jason Hagen
Writer/Producer, NORTHBOUND
Lullskull Ltd. / “A” Street Films, LLC.
612-581-2296 Cell


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