Latinx sci-fi series explores what it means to be an American

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Perelandra Pictures is crowdfunding their new series “Real American,” a Latinx sci-fi starring Chicago actress Nathalie Galde as a young news producer named Anastasia Atwood.

Real American is set in an alternate timeline of our world where aliens came to our planet as refugees and now live among us. They look exactly like us except they have blue markings on their faces and parts of their bodies. Anastasia is one of these aliens, and she uses makeup to hide her markings so she can have a successful career and live a normal life. A business mogul rising in political power starts using the aliens as scapegoats to invigorate his base, and for the first time in her life, Anastasia is afraid that she will be exposed.

Told in 10 short episodes, the series explores identity, cultural differences, race, and appropriation in a way that only science fiction can. “Real American” is a unique female-led sci-fi story starring a Latinx actress and written by diverse screenwriters.

Showrunner Jacob de la Rosa and producer Kathryn Postema believe “Real American” is a timely and important story to tell right now. In order to tell that story, they are seeking to raise $5000 in funds with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter going from now until August 4th. They are asking anyone who likes sci-fi and cares about representation to pledge their support at this link:

About Perelandra Pictures
An independent film and video studio, Perelandra Pictures has produced paranormal shorts like “Ain’t Ready for the Graveyard Yet,” the ambitious music video “Nottingham,” and the feature length sci-fi film “Break Glass in Case Of…” featuring Doctor Who actor Tom Baker as the voice of a disembodied female scientist inside of a robot.




“A man who has been in another world does not come back unchanged.”

C.S. Lewis

Perelandra is the name C.S. Lewis gave to the planet Venus in his Space Trilogy. He imagined Perelandra as a world of wonder where myth was materialized and dreams were waking life. But above all, it was a world just within reach.

At Perelandra Pictures we want to explore the wonders of a world that could be our own, filled with people we know, where our nightmares and our dreams come to life. A place of imagination that is just within our reach.


Jacob de la Rosa

Jacob de la Rosa is a writer, filmmaker, and the owner of Perelandra Pictures. In 2013, he wrote, produced, and directed the feature film Break Glass in Case Of… and got to work with one of his favorite actors — Tom Baker from Doctor Who.





Kathryn Postema

Kathryn Postema is a producer experienced in project management, line producing, and working as part of a director’s team. She loves bringing talented people together and facilitating the creative process with effective planning and thorough communication.




Joshua E. White

Josh White is a film composer and a frequent collaborator with Perelandra Pictures. His band Son of None is an Indie music collective that strives to write honest music about life and our perception of life.




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