Filming of Joel Reisig’s boxing scenes for ‘Jack London: Son of the Wolf’ wrap

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After three days of filming under conditions best described as a “bit hot”  Joel Reisig’s cast and approximately 125 extras wrapped the boxing scenes for Reisig’s “Jack London: Son of the Wolf.”

Filmed at the historic Redford Theater on Lahser in Detroit,  while the outdoor temps reached 80 degrees,  the extras for these scenes were dressed in costume appropriate to the 1890s–but for a chillier clime.   The extras were asked to wear drab colors, wool sweaters, wool overcoats or sports jackets, furs, flannels, brown pants, etc.  Males, age 14-90s, as well as female extras showed up at the theater to be fans at a boxing match at 9:30 AM.

The cast of boxers included Jay TateTom McCloreyJacob LemieuxBrock MinotaurGeorge Avgoustis (Tom King) , Hanky Hazleton, Dennis Marin, Marco Schimizzi, Trey Shaughnessy, Brian Banducci, and Ramo Haji. 

To round out this boxing card former world champion Comelius “K9” Bundrage.  An American professional boxer,  Bundrage is a two-time former world champion, having held the IBF junior middleweight title twice between 2010 and 2015.

In filming some real blows were actually, but not deliberately delivered.  Recounting the action in the ring, Reisig was noted as having said, “Champ of the day is Marco Schimizzi, I felt terrible when I hit him with a forearm and split open his lip. I’m sorry! But hey, guy who nearly broke my nose with a headbutt yesterday (nameless), I totally forgive you!  It was a tough day. We all got banged up a bit (bridge of my nose is killing me!). ”

Brad Robinson had the second toughest role of any actor who showed as a boxer. As the referee he had to be in there as much as I did. Crew sure is needed to get those shots!  To make certain these shots were captured John Pampreen (co-produer/cinematographer), Scott Herdegen (sound mixer) pitched in where needed, Phil Baumhardt (co-producer/assistant camera), Victor Pytko (assistant camera) were all present.   Mike Platz was present to shoot behind the scene stills.




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John Pampreen, Director of Photography, operates a Scarlet Red 4K camera for the filming of Joel Reisig’s SON OF THE WOLF now in production.

Andrew Dawe-collins as Sam Stubener, according to Reisig, turned in a commendable performance. Joshua Ray Bell (reporter 1) and  Mike T. Tremblay (reporter 2) and Matt Damon all came back for the three days of filming.

These boxing scenes are part of a much larger movie based upon several books and short stories by Jack London, author of “The Son of the Wolf”-a collection of stories of the Klondike.

To follow the development of Jack London: Son of the Wolf.

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