Native American actors answer casting call for Joel Reisig’s ‘Jack London: Son of the Wolf’

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Three Native American actors have answered the casting call and landed roles inJoel Reisig’s  ” Jack London’s Son of the Wolf.” 

Based upon several books and short stories by Jack London, author of “The Son of the Wolf”-a collection of stories of the Klondike,  Reisig desired authenticity in casting these roles.

Answering the call for Native Americans was Richard Wemigwans as Chief Thling-Tinneh;  Zek Meirthew as Makwa “The Bear”;  and  Marquis McAdam as Wagoosh “The Fox. ”



About these Native American characters

  • Chief ThlingTinneh was the mighty chief of the Sticks and the land of the Tanana, He was the ruler of the salmon and the bear, the moose and the carihoo. 
  • Makwa “the Bear,” was a member of the largest clan. Bear clan members were war chiefs; they were the strong and steady police, the legal guardians, and the warriors.  They spent a lot of time patrolling the land surrounding the village, and in so doing, they learned which roots, bark, and plants could be used for medicines to treat the ailments of their people.  Members of the bear clan were known for their thick black hair that never whitened even in old age. 
  • Wagoosh, “The Fox.”  Foxes are known for they resourcefulness, cleverness and adaptability. Not normally flamboyant the fox prefers to remain inconspicuous and choses subtlety and cunning over brute strength.  

These roles have yet to be filled.

Zirinska the female lead  is still needed.  Desiring authenticity she would preferably be native American, 18 – young 20s to play 16 or 17. Girl next door beautiful.

-Koskoosh. An old man, at least 70. Native American male, ideally 75 or older (I will also consider Asian males)

Said Reisig, ” I need a small tribe, so I’m looking for both genders and all ages. ”

Filming in Michigan in July. Four day shoot Thursday – Sunday (exact dates TBD)

To contact Joel Reisig,  Facebook


  1. hi I wanted to see if you had any casting calls for extras for the Palm Springs California area or Southern California area?

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