Rebel Pictures short ‘Deadbolt’ secures two wins at 7th Annual Eclipse Awards

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Rebel Pictures short film “Deadbolt,” nominated for eleven awards,  secured two wins at the 7th Annual Eclipse Awards last week.    The film won Best Screenplay for a Short Ffilm r –Justin Muschong and Best Actor in a Lead Role for-Elizabeth Moore.

Justin Muschong is a writer and actor, known for Patient Zero (2010), Tumbler: The Boom (2009) and Red Seven (2006).  He has written numerous stories and screenplays for Rebel Pictures.  These include Confidence Of a Tall Man (2017, Short/ story) Eskimo Brothers (2017, Short)/story),  Lucky (2010, story)  Handlebar (2010, story).  “Deadbolt”
the script has also won the Northern New York Screenwriter Award for Muschong.

Elizabeth G. Moore is an actress, known for Machine (2012), Shirin in Love (2014) and Mad Men Diaries (2015).  She won “Best Actor in a Lead Role” at the 7th Annual
Eclipse Film Awards for her role in “Deadbolt.”

The newest drama from Rebel Pictures and award-winning Director/Writer/Actor/Editor Michael McCallum and his filmmaking team, “Deadbolt” is the story of two couples who are desperate to get out of the financial hole they’re in. When one suggests a burglary, it turns out to not be as easy as planned.

Deadbolt was directed by Michael McCallum, with cinematography by Andrew K. Tebeau, and edited by Scott Baisden and Michael McCallum.

Deadbolt also stars: Brad Stocker, Elizabeth Moore, Michael McCallum, Brie Roper and Johnny DeMarco.


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